In the depressed phase of life, my inner wounds were torn open. I stumbled in pain. I was trapped in self-doubt and self-denial. As the saying goes, "What you feel inside is reflected on your face." As I looked at my face, I was prompted to seek inner peace.

Tossing and turning in bed at midnight, I was whispering to Apo, a lady who had taken care of me when I was a little girl. I tried to relive the scent of Apo through my memory. A scent from memory that makes me fall asleep peacefully in the warm arms of love. So I embarked on a quest for incense stick stickers, a journey of warmth and love.

I met Ben looking for the right scent. Ben is a nomad child. While he received only an elementary school education, he has a great talent for painting, especially painting on the natural material with mineral pigments. Ben speaks little, all his emotions, including his love and admiration for nature, are expressed through painting.

On the journey to incense, warm and loving, I met Ben and other folk artists and found my inner peace again. This is how NatureCreat GmbH was found.

Our mission is to create unique handcrafted products from natural materials, bringing you warmth and peace through continuous innovation, allowing you to find your unique style to enhance your life and home.

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The golden hue of the metal gold, the ocher hue, the green-cyan hue of malachite, and the blue-black hue of precious lapis lazuli are the main pigments Ben uses in his paintings. Due to the preciousness of the mineral pigments, each polishing of the pigments is a big task, just like the foundation of a tall building. The process of polishing the pigments is a dialogue between Ben and the minerals. Painting on bodhi leaves, silk fabrics and balsam tree roots is a dialogue between Ben and his inner self. In this way he succeeds in presenting a painting of harmony and unity between man and nature.